Aisle after aisle, Dollar General offers shelves of food, household, and beauty items for the bargain hunter. But one only thing that could make bargain shopping at Dollar General more attractive is being able to get cash back at the register. But can you get cash back at Dollar General?

You can. Read on for further details.

Does Dollar General Give Cash Back?

Does Dollar General do cash back? Yes. We contacted several customer service representatives and learned that yes, Dollar General does offer cash back at the checkout register when you pay with debit card. They accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards, as well, though your cash-advance rules may limit you for “cash back.” You can also get cash back with a PayPal debit card, if you have one, since it is still a debit card.

If you want more cash back than the limit allows, you can split your goods into two or more separate purchases, swiping your debit card at the register each time, and selecting the cash back option.

In Summary

Dollar General offers cash back at the register when paying with a debit card. Expect to pay a small fee for this service. Not near a Dollar General? There are several discount stores like Dollar General that also offer cash back at the register. Take a look at our article Stores That Give Cash Back on Checking, Debit, and Credit Transactions for the complete list.