Does Dollar General Take Checks? Answered + What Else to Know

Sign outside of a Dollar General store

Cash on hand or a debit card in your wallet is not always possible, so it’s good to know if your local Dollar General will take a check as payment for your next purchase. We’ve done the legwork for you and provided you with all the information you need to know about Dollar General’s check policy, and if other stores like Dollar General take checks.

Does Dollar General Take Checks?

Here’s the Dollar General check writing policy in plain language. Dollar General’s check policy is not available on their website, so we contacted an online customer support representative who confirmed that yes, Dollar General does take checks for payment of store goods. We also contacted several Dollar General stores to confirm this information. That means you can bring your personal or business checkbook with you and write out a check for the exact amount of the total purchase. (The store doesn’t give cash back for purchases made with checks, although you can get cash back with a debit card purchase.)

Remember to bring your valid state-issued driver’s license or a government-issued photo ID. You won’t be able to pay by check without showing your ID.

Dollar General uses Certegy as a check authorization provider. If your check was declined at Dollar General, you can contact Certegy at 1-866-407-6946.

If you’re interested in finding even more stores that accept personal checks as a form of payment, see this FQF article: What Stores Accept Personal Checks? Here’s the List.

In Summary

Dollar General accepts both personal and business checks as payment, provided you show a valid form of ID and the check passes the Certegy check verification process. While Dollar General accepts checks for payment, does Dollar General cash checks? We have the answer in our article: Does Dollar General Cash Checks?

If you frequently shop at Dollar General, we also outline the details of Dollar General’s return policy without a receipt.


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