Does Domino’s Take EBT? Answered

Does Domino’s accept EBT? Domino’s Pizza accepts EBT at some locations. Even though hot foods generally can’t be purchased with SNAP benefits, some states have an optional program called the Restaurant Meals Program that allows recipients to use EBT to buy hot, prepared food from participating restaurants — including some Domino’s locations.

To find out if a Domino’s near you accepts EBT and how you can qualify, read on.

Does Domino’s Take EBT?

Yes, Domino’s Pizza accepts Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) — but only at specific locations. While some locations take EBT, most Domino’s do not. EBT is linked to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and lets recipients use a debit card-like system to make purchases.

Here’s what you can’t buy with EBT:

  • Beer, wine, liquor, or tobacco products
  • Hot food and foods that you will eat in the store
  • Non-food items like household supplies, paper products, pet food, and soap
  • Vitamins and medicines

See the complete list in this article.

In general, restaurants like Domino’s fall into the category of hot food, so EBT cannot be used at most Domino’s locations. However, some states have an optional program called the Restaurant Meals Program that allows recipients to use EBT to buy hot, prepared food from participating restaurants.

What Is the Restaurant Meals Program?

In most states, you can only use EBT to buy food that you need to prepare or cook at home. But federal law allows for this exception: States can opt-in to a program that lets recipients buy hot, prepared food at participating restaurants. The Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) exists because many people who qualify for SNAP are unable to take food home and cook it, may not have a place to store food, and/or do not have easy access to a grocery store. RMP is typically limited to the elderly, disabled, and homeless. States that participate in the Restaurant Meals Program include:

  • Arizona
  • California (some counties)
  • Hawaii
  • Rhode Island

To find participating restaurants, you’ll need to search by state:

Does Domino’s Participate in the RMP?

Some Domino’s locations participate in the Restaurant Meals Program. You will need to contact your local Domino’s to find out if it accepts EBT before you place an order.

Note: In Rhode Island, there are no Domino’s restaurants that accept EBT.

For more on EBT, SNAP, and the Restaurant Meals Program, see our article: What Fast Food Places Take EBT/Food Stamps/SNAP? or if you’re set on pizza, Pizza Places That Take EBT: Domino’s? Pizza Hut? & Others.

In Summary

Does Domino’s accept EBT? Yes, but only at a few locations. Under the Restaurant Meals Program, some restaurants in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Rhode Island accept EBT payments — even though hot foods typically aren’t SNAP-eligible. In some of the listed states, there are Domino’s locations that accept EBT for those who qualify.

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