Does Enterprise Pick up Cars at the End of the Rental Period?

Sign on the outside of an Enterprise location

Enterprise Rent-A-Car does not pick up cars at the end of the rental period, a corporate customer service representative said.

Enterprise must inspect the vehicle and give you signed documentation stating that you returned the vehicle at the end of your rental period and what condition you returned it in, so the company requires that you drop off the car.

Additionally, some reservations have mileage limits and will charge for excess miles, so Enterprise will want to include the miles during the return trip to calculate your total rental cost.

We contacted Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations in California, Montana, New Mexico, New York, and South Carolina to verify that they do not pick up rental cars.

None of the offices we spoke with will pick up a car; however, you can request a ride after you drop off the vehicle if your destination is within 10 miles of the Enterprise location. Wait time will depend on the availability of a driver and vehicle.

Note that due to airport security regulations, only Enterprise rental centers located at an airport can pick you up or drop you off at an airport.

Exception for Accidents

There is one exception to Enterprise’s policy of not picking up cars: if you have an accident in your rental car and it is taken to a body shop that Enterprise partners with, you can leave the car at the body shop.

Enterprise will pick you up and later pick the car up from the body shop, customer service representatives said.

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