Does Family Dollar Sell Microwaves? Other Appliances? Answered

Exterior of a Family Dollar storefront

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Does Family Dollar sell microwaves? Family Dollar does not sell microwaves. Several other retailers sell low-priced microwaves, including, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. For more information on Family Dollar’s store policy and where to get an affordable microwave, see below.

Does Family Dollar Sell Microwaves?

Family Dollar does not sell microwaves at any of its store locations, a corporate customer service representative said. Store associates from several different Family Dollar locations also confirmed this information. Family Dollar does, however, sell household products like cleaning products and decor, but it does not sell appliances. Dollar General doesn’t sell microwaves either in case you were wondering.

For an affordable microwave, you can check out the following retailers or you can rent-to-own a microwave (and other appliances) from one of the stores listed in our article on rent-to-own retailers like Aaron’s:

In Summary

Family Dollar stores don’t sell microwaves, but you can get an affordable microwave from, Best Buy, Target, or Walmart.


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