Does GameStop Buy DVDs? Solved + Other Places to Sell DVDs

GameStop does not buy used DVDs, customer service representatives told us. The company does, however, buy used phones, tablets, video games, and video game systems. It will even typically buy broken or defective games, consoles, and accessories. You can check trade-in values for your electronics on GameStop’s website.

Places That Buy Used DVDs

While GameStop won’t buy your used DVDs, there are plenty of other places where you can sell them — many of these companies even allow you to sell online, without making a trip to the store. We list these stores below, starting with the best overall options.


  • Can you sell online or in-store? Online or through the free mobile app
  • How to sell your DVDs: Enter the DVD’s barcode online or scan the barcode in the app. You’ll receive an instant valuation of your items. Pack up your DVDs, print your prepaid shipping label, and drop off the box at a UPS store.
  • Payment options: Check, direct deposit, or PayPal
  • Shipping cost: Free with a prepaid shipping label
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  • Can you sell online or in-store? Online
  • How to sell your DVDs: On, choose “DVD/Blu-ray” as the item type and enter each item’s barcode. You’ll be given a quote for your items, which you can accept or deny. Ship your items to using a prepaid FedEx or USPS shipping label.
  • Payment options: Check or PayPal
  • Shipping cost: Free with a prepaid shipping label
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Facebook Marketplace

  • Can you sell online or in-store? Online
  • How to sell your DVDs: Click on the Marketplace icon on the left side of your Facebook homepage. You can list your DVDs at any price. Potential buyers will message you if they are interested.
  • Payment options: You can choose your preferred payment method; most Marketplace sales are paid in cash.
  • Shipping cost: Free if the buyer chooses to pick up the item(s); otherwise, shipping costs will vary
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FYE and SecondSpin

  • Can you sell online or in-store? In-store at FYE or online at FYE’s sister site, SecondSpin
  • How to sell your DVDs: Bring your DVDs to an FYE store and an associate will provide you with a valuation. Online, you can enter the barcodes at SecondSpin to find out how much your DVDs are worth. Then, simply ship them to SecondSpin any way you like (e.g., USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.)
  • Payment options: Check, PayPal, or store credit
  • Shipping cost: For SecondSpin sales, you’ll need to pay for shipping yourself, but a shipping reimbursement is offered for up to 25 items.
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Pawn Shops

See our article about what pawn shops buy and the price range you can expect.

For more information on GameStop’s buy-back policies, see our research on whether it buys locked iPhones.