Does GameStop Take Checks? Answered

Sign on the exterior of a GameStop store

GameStop does not accept checks as a payment method in its stores or online.

We contacted several GameStop locations in California, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, and Virginia to confirm whether GameStop takes checks; all of the locations we checked confirmed this policy.

Other Payment Methods at GameStop

For in-store purchases, GameStop accepts cash, credit cards, GameStop gift cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay (as previously reported). Online, it accepts debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and gift cards.

GameStop also offers its own credit card, the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card. If you have a PowerUp Rewards Credit Card, you can pay your balance with a personal check, as well as a bank transfer or debit card, customer service representatives said.

The GameStop credit card offers no annual fee and a first-purchase bonus of 15,000 points for GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro cardmembers or 5,000-points bonus for GameStop PowerUp Rewards Player cardmembers.

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