Does JCPenney Sell Visa Gift Cards? Availability Explained

JCPenney storefront

JCPenney sells Visa gift cards in its stores, but availability varies by location. For more information on Visa gift cards and other gift cards sold at JCPenney, see below.

Does JCPenney Sell Visa Gift Cards?

JCPenney sells Visa gift cards in-store at its cashier stations, a corporate representative told us.

Visa gift card denominations range up to $250 and availability varies by store location. Visa gift cards are not available on

We contacted several JCPenney stores to check their Visa gift card availability. Some stores reported they were out of stock; you may want to check with your nearest store before visiting.

JCPenney also sells store gift cards and other third-party gift cards to retailers like Starbucks and iTunes.

Where Else to Buy Visa Gift Cards

See my related research for information on whether you can also buy Visa gift cards at Kohl’s.

To find other retailers that sell Visa gift cards, you can use the services locator on Visa’s website. Just choose “Gift Cards” from the drop-down menu and enter your city and state for a list of places near you.

Visa gift cards can be used at most stores where Visa credit cards are accepted.

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