Kroger Money Order Services: Hours, Provider, Fees, etc Detailed

Short Answer: Kroger sells Western Union money orders at most of its stores. Prices vary by location but are generally less than $2 — and discounted if you have a Kroger Plus shopper’s card. Some Kroger stores also cash money orders for a fee of $3. You can find Kroger’s money services at the customer service desk. We answer more questions about Kroger’s money order services below.

Does Kroger Sell Money Orders?

Most Kroger stores have a money services department at the customer service desk, which sells Western Union money orders. The pricing varies by location, but money orders are usually less than $2 and often cost $0.88; your local store may even discount the fee if you have a Kroger Plus shopper’s card. You can buy money orders for any amount up to $500 or $1,000, depending on location. If you need more than that amount, you can purchase additional money orders.

The money services desk at Kroger usually has shorter hours than the store, but hours vary by location. We contacted several Kroger stores to learn the hours that money orders are typically available. While it’s best to contact your local store for exact hours, the stores we called sell money hours between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Want to avoid the money order purchase fee? We have the details of where to get free money orders.

Does Kroger Cash Money Orders?

Some, but not all Kroger stores will cash money orders for a fee of $3. The maximum amount is $2,000 at most locations. Kroger cannot cash postal money orders.

If your local Kroger doesn’t cash money orders, we have the list of places that cash money orders. You can also find out more about how money orders work in our money order FAQ.

What Other Money Services Does Kroger Offer?

Kroger offers a variety of other money services, including:

  • Money transfers: Kroger stores team up with Western Union so you can send or receive money to or from over 200 countries and territories.
  • Check cashing: Stores with money services cash non-personal checks. Learn more in our dedicated article on Kroger’s check cashing policy.
  • Bill payment: Bill payment is available through Western Union, MoneyGram, CheckFreePay, First Tech, and Fidelity Express. Bill payment services cover over 15,000 billers, such as utilities, cellular service providers, and mortgage companies.
  • Prepaid cards: You can buy or reload money onto prepaid Visa or Mastercard debit cards.
  • No-contract wireless: Buy cell phones and plans from several different carriers, including T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and others.
  • Other: Some stores sell hunting and fishing licenses, as well as tickets to local events and attractions.

In Summary

Many Kroger stores sell money orders, though the specifics vary by location. In general, you can buy money orders for under $2 and cash money orders for $3. Money services are typically available between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Kroger stores with money services also offer check cashing, money transfers, bill payment, and prepaid cards.

If Kroger doesn’t meet your money order needs, see our article on where to quickly get a money order for a complete list of places that sell money orders and their fees. If you need to cash a money order somewhere other than at Kroger, see our article on where to cash a money order¬†for a list of places that cash money orders.