Does Les Schwab Do Oil Changes? Answered

Does Les Schwab do oil changes? Most Les Schwab tire centers do not perform oil changes. While some store locations offer oil change services, it is not an official service offered companywide. For details on Les Schwab’s services and pricing, see below.

Does Les Schwab Do Oil Changes?

Les Schwab tire centers do not offer oil change services companywide, but select locations do perform oil changes, Les Schwab store associates confirmed. You can find a list of Les Schwab’s available services online, but it does not include engine services. We contacted 10 different Les Schwab tire center locations in California, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, and Washington to find out if oil change services are offered. Nine out of the 10 store locations reported they do not do oil changes. However, one location in Colorado confirmed it does do oil changes, and a location in California said that while it does not perform oil changes, a nearby Les Schwab does. Where available, oil changes at Les Schwab typically cost $50 to $75, a store associate said. The exact cost depends on the type of vehicle, the type of oil used, and the amount of oil used.

If your Les Schwab does do oil changes, here’s the information on getting a military discount at Les Schwab.

In Summary

Does Les Schwab change oil? While some Les Schwab tire centers offer oil changes, most stores do not. It’s best to give your local Les Schwab a call to confirm whether or not it offers oil change services before visiting. For more information on oil changes, see our article: Does CarMax Do Oil Changes? CarMax Oil Change Prices Listed and Does BJ’s Do Oil Changes? and Does Sam’s Club Do Oil Changes? and Does AutoZone Do Oil Changes?

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