Does Lowe’s Cut Metal? Answered

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Short Answer

Lowe’s only offers metal cutting services for chains, black iron gas pipes, and galvanized water pipes. It doesn’t cut sheet metal, steel beams, or other types of metal.

Does Lowe’s Cut Metal?

Lowe’s doesn’t cut things like sheet metal or steel beams but does provide cutting services for chains, black iron pipes, and galvanized pipes.[1][2]

We contacted Lowe’s stores in Michigan, California, and New York for more information on their metal-cutting services.

Costs & Restrictions

You must purchase your pipes or chains from Lowe’s to qualify for its cutting services. You can’t, for example, buy pipes at The Home Depot and bring them to Lowe’s to be cut.[2]

Chain- and pipe-cutting services are free at Lowe’s for the first few cuts. While there’s no companywide policy restricting the exact number of cuts, some stores have a limit of three cuts.[2]

If your local Lowe’s allows more than three cuts, it may charge fees of around $0.50 to $1 per cut after the third cut.[2]

The reason for this is to prevent individuals from taking advantage of the service and asking for dozens of cuts per pipe, which could easily take an hour or more.


If you have a large project or need another type of metal cut, consider the following alternatives to Lowe’s (ordered by the most available metal-cutting options).

Note that you usually need to purchase your metal from these companies to use their services. If you already have the metal that you need to cut, it’s best to search for local fabrication businesses and ask if they’re willing to cut the metal you have on hand.

Metal Supermarkets

  • What it offers: In-store and online project services, including production cutting, shearing, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, hole punching, miter cutting, laser cutting, notching, flame cutting, and rare material sourcing[3]
  • Price range: Varies depending on the scope of your project; Metal Supermarkets will do anything from a single cut to several thousand[3]
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Big Blue Saw

  • What it offers: Waterjet and laser cutting for a variety of materials including aluminum and steel[4]
  • Price range: Varies depending on the scope of your project; you can get an estimate online.
  • Find out more


  • What it offers: Cut sheet metal, including aluminum, brass, copper, and steel[5]
  • Price range: Varies depending on project complexity and quantity; discounts are available for high-quantity orders.[6]
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Laser Gist

  • What it offers: Laser-cut stainless steel; suitable for art installations and complex designs[7]
  • Price range: $10 and up[7]
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If you frequently need cutting services, you might also want to consider investing in your own metal-cutting tools; Lowe’s offers a wide range of saws and accessories.

Be sure to use proper safety equipment and procedures for any DIY projects.


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