Does Lowe’s Sell Visa Gift Cards? Availability, Fees, etc Explained

Lowe's parking lot and storefront

Lowe’s sells Visa gift cards in the gift card display area of its stores. You can also find Visa gift cards on Visa’s website. For more information on buying Visa gift cards, see below.

Does Lowe’s Sell Visa Gift Cards?

Lowe’s, a home improvement store chain, sells Visa gift cards in the gift cards display area of its stores, customer service representatives said. Expect to pay a Visa gift card purchase fee of about $5, which is added to the gift card amount. Gift card availability may vary depending on what is currently in stock at your local Lowe’s. To be sure it has Visa gift cards available, contact your nearest Lowe’s before heading out to purchase one.

Visa gift cards are only available in-store at Lowe’s. You can find Lowe’s store gift cards on the retailer’s website.

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  • Robin

    I bought a Visa gift card at Lowes and could not find it when I got home. I had to go buy another. Is there a way to cancel the first gift card bought? We have the receipt. Thanks for whatever you can do to help.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Robin! You can contact Visa by live chat or email or call the customer assistance line at (800) 847-2911 to report the gift card lost. There is no guarantee that Visa will reimburse you for or reissue the gift card, but since you do have proof of purchase, a representative may be able to help you. Best of luck!

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