Does McDonald’s Do Cash Back? McDonald’s Cash Out Limit Explained

Exterior of a McDonald's restaurant

Because convenience is a large part of why fast food restaurants remain successful, you may be wondering if you could get even more out of your trip to McDonald’s. With 35,000 golden arches around the world, getting cashback at McDonald’s could be more convenient than heading to a bank or ATM — especially if you’re already stopping for a bite to eat. But does McDonald’s give cash back? What’s the limit? Keep reading to find out!

Does McDonald’s Do Cash Back?

After conversing with McDonald’s customer service, we discovered that the decision regarding whether or not to offer the cash back option at the register is up to each individual location. We called several locations in New York City; Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; and Atlanta to see whether or not they offer cash back. Of the 10 locations we surveyed, none offered cash back upon purchase. So does your McDonald’s location offer cash back? It’s pretty unlikely, but they might.

To find out for sure and if they do, to find out their cash back limit, contact your local McDonald’s and ask.

Other Restaurants That Give Cash Back

Though cash back upon purchase is commonplace for many retailers, almost no fast food restaurants give cash back. There are some restaurants that offer cash back on debit card purchases, but they’re generally local places with just a few locations at most.

In our search of several major cities, we found that while there are restaurants that offer cash back, very few fast food and chain restaurants do. With that said, Carl’s Jr. and Chuck E. Cheese’s do have some locations that offer cash back upon purchase with a debit Mastercard. Both Carl’s Jr. and Chuck E. Cheese’s customer service confirmed that individual locations may offer cash back. Policies regarding how much cash back is available on a single transaction will vary by location, and many locations won’t offer cash back at all.

In Summary

Does McDonald’s do cash back? If you’re looking to get cash back while paying for your Big Mac, you may be out of luck. While the decision to offer cash back is up to each individual McDonald’s location, we didn’t find any location that do offer the service. On the bright side, many regional and national grocery stores, gas stations, and other retail stores do! See our articles: What Store Gives the Most Cash Back on Debit Card, Etc.? Answered. and Stores That Give Cash Back on Checking, Debit, and Credit Transactions for lists of places that do cash back. If you’re looking for somewhere convenient for cash back on the go, see our article The List of Gas Stations That Do Cash Back + Which Ones Don’t.


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