Does McDonald’s Do Cash Back? Cash Out Policy Explained

Exterior of a McDonald's restaurant

Short Answer

Most McDonald’s locations don’t offer cash back, but the policy is decided by the individual restaurant owner.

Does McDonald’s Do Cash Back?

At McDonald’s, the decision of whether or not to offer cash back at the register is up to each individual location’s owner, customer service representatives told us.

We called several locations in New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Washington, D.C.; Chicago, IL; and Atlanta, GA to see whether or not they offer cash back. Of the 10 locations we surveyed, none offer cash back upon purchase.

It’s unlikely that your local McDonald’s will offer cash back, but to find out for sure if it does, you’ll need to call or visit the restaurant and ask.

Other Places That Give Cash Back

Though cash back upon purchase is commonplace for many retailers, almost no fast food restaurants give cash back. There are some restaurants that offer it with debit card purchases, but they’re generally local places with just a few locations at most.

With that said, Carl’s Jr. and Chuck E. Cheese’s do have some locations that offer cash back upon purchase with a debit Mastercard. Both Carl’s Jr. and Chuck E. Cheese’s customer service confirmed that individual locations may offer cash back. Policies regarding how much cash back is available on a single transaction will vary by location, and many locations won’t offer cash back at all.

For more alternatives, see our research on which stores give the most cash back, many stores where you can get cash back, and gas stations that offer this service.


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