Does Meijer Double Coupons? Meijer Coupon Policy Detailed

Does Meijer double coupons? No. Meijer does not double its own store coupons, but it may double some third-party coupons. For more on the grocery store’s coupon policy, see below.

Does Meijer Double Coupons?

Meijer grocery stores will double some third-party coupons, depending on the coupon, Meijer customer service said. Some printed coupons have terms and conditions on them, including instructions not to double. In most cases, Meijer will follow any given instructions. In addition, it does not double its own printed or digital coupons — those will be accepted at face value.

Some stores offer coupon doubling — and even tripling — meaning the store will match the value of the coupon to give you additional savings. For example, if you bring in a coupon for $0.50 off an item, the store may give you $1 off instead. Stores may only double coupons on designated days and/or limit the total discount amount (typically to $0.50, $0.99 or $1).

Meijer accepts the following types of coupons:

  • Meijer printed store coupons
  • Meijer mPerks digital coupons
  • Manufacturer coupons
  • Catalina coupons (printed from the register)

In Summary

Meijer doubles some third-party coupons, but it does not double its own printed or digital coupons. For more on Meijer store policies, see our articles: Does Meijer Accept WIC? Store Policy Explained and Does Meijer Accept EBT? Yes, for Food Items.