Does Meijer Make Keys? Key Copying Services & Availability Explained

A Meijer sign on the side of a building and a parking lot

Short Answer

Some Meijer stores have traditional key-cutting services, while others have self-service kiosks. Available key types and prices will vary depending on which services the store offers.

Does Meijer Make Keys?

Some Meijer store locations offer key-making services, customer service representatives told us.

Where available, key-making is often provided through self-service kiosks from third-party vendors like Minute Key. Minute Key offers fully automated key-making kiosks for copying home, office, and padlock keys.

A few Meijer locations offer more traditional key-cutting services with an employee on hand to help. You’ll need to check with your local Meijer to find out what type of key-making services it offers.

Some Meijer locations have home improvement and/or automotive departments, which might be where you’ll find its key-making services. You may also find a self-service kiosk near the front of the store.

Most Meijer locations are open 24/7 — but key-making services may not be available around the clock.

Compare your options on our list of more places that make keys.


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