Does Meijer Make Keys? Key Copying Services & Availability Explained

A Meijer sign on the side of a building and a parking lot

Many big-box stores and supercenters offer key-making services, including Meijer. Some Meijer stores have traditional key-cutting services, while others have self-service kiosks. We’ll go into more detail on getting keys made at Meijer below.

Does Meijer Make Keys?

Some Meijer store locations offer key-making services, according to Meijer customer service. Where available, key-making is often provided through self-service kiosks from third-party vendors like Minute Key. Minute Key offers fully automated key-making kiosks for copying home, office, and padlock keys. A few Meijer locations offer more traditional key-cutting services with an employee on hand to help. You’ll need to check with your local Meijer to find out what type of key-making services it offers.

Meijer is a supercenter chain based in Grand Rapids, Mich., with locations throughout the Midwest. Meijer carries groceries, health and beauty products, garden and outdoor supplies, electronics, toys, household goods, sporting goods, clothing, jewelry, and more. Some Meijer locations have home improvement and/or automotive departments, which might be where you’ll find its key-making services. Most Meijer locations are open 24/7 — but key-making services may not be available around the clock.

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In Summary

Some Meijer store locations offer key-making services, either via self-service kiosks or through more traditional key-cutting services. Not all locations offer this service, so you’ll want to check with your local Meijer for more details. To find other stores that offer key-making services, see our article: Keys Made Near Me? Here’s Where to Get Keys Made Nearby.


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