Does Menards Cut Wood? Store Policy & Restrictions Explained

Menards logo sign on the exterior of a store

Short Answer

Menards offers wood-cutting services, but policies vary by store. Some offer the service for free, while others charge up to $2 per cut.

Does Menards Cut Wood?

Most Menards stores cut wood, though policies vary by store.

We called several Menards stores to find out what policies and restrictions you might encounter, including pricing differences and size restrictions.

Restrictions & Pricing

Menards will cut any wood — except plywood. However, there are usually rules about length and thickness that vary by store.

While a few stores will cut wood for free, most charge $1 or $2 per cut. Note that stores are incapable of making specialty cuts. Some stores also have policies against cutting wood that was purchased at another store.

Here some sample policies we found at different Menards stores:

  • Any piece of wood for free: One store said it will cut wood for free, even if it wasn’t purchased from Menards. The store also said it will cut the wood as long or as short as you want. However, it cannot cut anything over 1 foot thick — but that has more to do with the equipment than a store policy.
  • Only wood from Menards: A different Menards said it will only cut wood purchased from the store. There are no length requirements, and the first five cuts are free; after that, it’s $2 per cut. A Menards with similar policies said the first 10 cuts are free, with each additional cut costing $2.
  • Convenience cuts only: One store said all cuts are $1, but it will only make convenience cuts, meaning the store is only willing to cut the wood enough to make it fit in your car for transport.
  • Various size restrictions: Another Menards said its saw will only cut wood up to eight inches long for $2 per cut. Because of the equipment available, the store can only cut 2×4, 2×6, and 2×8 pieces of wood. A different store said it can cut wood up to 10 inches thick for $2 per cut.


You will need to pay any applicable fees before Menards cuts your wood. Find a store employee to ring you up and help direct you to the yard where your wood will be cut.


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