Does Office Depot/OfficeMax Print on Transfer Paper? Answered

Exterior of an Office Depot

Office Depot and OfficeMax do not offer transfer paper printing services. We contacted five different locations to verify this information.

Store associates at Office Depot said their stores don’t print on transfer paper because the commercial machines use heat in the printing process — transfer paper would damage the machines, and vice versa.

At Office Depot and OfficeMax, you can get prints on standard or colored paper in various sizes, as well as make transparency prints, signs and banners, and more. Office Depot is able to print on most paper, vinyl, and plastic surfaces — just not transfer paper.

Transfer paper is used to transfer printed images onto fabrics and other surfaces. You can use it to make custom items like t-shirts. Once a design is printed on transfer paper, it can be affixed to another surface by applying heat to the back of the paper, typically with a clothes iron.

If you need something printed on transfer paper, you can use a home inkjet printer, which won’t smudge the design or become damaged by the paper. If you don’t already have one, Office Depot and OfficeMax sell inkjet printers, as well as iron-on transfer paper.

Where to Get Something Printed on Transfer Paper

Similar to the policy at Office Depot/OfficeMax, Staples also does not print on transfer paper (as previously reported).

As an alternative, you can take your project to a major print shop like Minuteman Press, or you can check with a smaller, local copy shop to see if it offers this service. You can use sites like Yelp or Google Maps to help you find copy shops in your area.

For more about Office Depot/OfficeMax, see our article about the company’s student discount policy, as well as other ways to save.


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