Does O’Reilly Turn Rotors? Answered

O’Reilly Auto Parts offers a wide range of automotive products and services, including rotor turning — but this service is not available at all O’Reilly locations. We have what you need to know.

Does O’Reilly Turn Rotors?

O’Reilly Auto Parts offers rotor turning services, also known as rotor resurfacing, at many of its locations. O’Reilly’s store services page on its website lists drum and rotor resurfacing. We also contacted several O’Reilly stores to confirm that this service is available; we found you can get rotors resurfaced at many locations — but not all. Where available, rotor turning typically costs $10 to $15 per rotor, depending on the store location and the type of vehicle you have, and takes about 30 to 60 minutes. (For more details on how long it takes to resurface rotors, see our article.)

Rotor resurfacing is the process of machine-grinding your vehicle’s brake rotors — drum or disc — to remove excess debris and keep your brake pads from grinding or warping — or to fix them if they already are grinding or have warped. Having your rotors turned can help extend the life of your brakes. The automotive experts we spoke with recommended that rotors be resurfaced with every other brake pad change, or whenever the rotors become warped and uneven. This can be done with a visual inspection.

O’Reilly also sells replacement rotors, brake drums, brake pads, and other parts to maintain your brakes yourself.

To find an O’Reilly near you that does rotor resurfacing, use the O’Reilly store locator and look for the rotor and pad icon under the store hours. Alternately, you can contact your nearest O’Reilly and ask if it offers this service. For other options, see our complete list of places where you can get your rotors turned.

In Summary

Does O’Reilly turn rotors? Most O’Reilly locations offer rotor turning for $10 to $15 per rotor. The service takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete and can help extend the life of your brakes.

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