Does Pet Supplies Plus Price Match? Price Matching Policy Detailed

Father and daughter with black dog in pet store aisle

Pet Supplies Plus price matches local and online competitors. For the full details of Pet Supplies Plus’ price match policy, see below.

Does Pet Supplies Plus Price Match?

Pet Supplies Plus will price match local and online competitors, customer service representatives from multiple store locations confirmed. We’ve highlighted the details of the pet supply store’s price match policy below:

  • What to bring: An advertisement, sales flyer, online printout, or picture of the advertised lower price for a specific product.
  • Accepted competitors: Advertised prices are accepted from other pet supply stores like PetSmart and larger retailers that sell pet supplies, such as Target and Walmart.
  • Online price match: Pet Supplies Plus will match advertised prices of online competitors.
  • Availability: All stores offer price matching.
  • Source: Customer service

Pet Supplies Plus is a pet supply chain that sells pet food, pet toys, pet beds, and more. It also offers grooming services in-store. Pet Supplies Plus locations are concentrated in the northeastern and midwestern United States.

In Summary

Does Pet Supplies Plus price match? Pet Supplies Plus will price match local and online competitors. In order to price match, you’ll need to bring in an ad, printout, or picture of an advertised lower price for a specific item. For more on Pet Supplies Plus’ store policies, see our article: Pet Supplies Plus Return Policy: Limits, Exceptions, Required Information.


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