Does Planet Fitness Have Wi-Fi? Is It Free? Answered

Planet Fitness has free Wi-FI for its members at participating gym locations. Planet Fitness’ Wi-Fi is password-protected, and you’ll be given access upon joining. For details of Planet Fitness’ available Wi-Fi, see below.

Does Planet Fitness Have Wi-Fi?

Planet Fitness memberships start at $10 a month and include free Wi-Fi at participating locations, a corporate customer service representative and several club associates confirmed. Planet Fitness’ Wi-Fi is password-protected; members are given access upon joining the gym. Alternately, you may be able to ask for the Wi-Fi password at the reception desk.

About 80% of the Planet Fitness locations we contacted do offer free Wi-Fi. To find out if your nearest Planet Fitness has Wi-Fi, contact your local gym directly or check the “Club Amenities” list in the Planet Fitness club locator.

Planet Fitness’ Wi-Fi is strong enough to stream music and video, according to its customer service department. That means you can listen to your Pandora station or catch up on your favorite TV shows while working out. You can also use Planet Fitness’ Wi-Fi to get some work done after your workout; most Planet Fitness gyms have a lobby with a seating area.

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In Summary

Some Planet Fitness gym locations have free Wi-Fi for its members. Where available, you’ll be given the Wi-Fi password after you sign up as a member.

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