Does Publix Accept WIC? Payment Policy Detailed

A lit green sign reading "Publix Food & Pharmacy" on the outside of a Publix store

Short Answer

Publix takes WIC at all of its stores, but you can only buy certain approved food products with your WIC benefits. We detail the rules below.

Does Publix Take WIC?

Publix accepts WIC benefits at all locations.

WIC benefits only let you purchase certain brands and certain amounts of specific food products each month. If you’re eligible for assistance, you’ll receive a list of what sizes and brands of food you can buy through the program.

To make things easier, Publix puts a circular, maroon “WIC” sticker beside the price label for all WIC-eligible items. Publix also allows you to use the WIC program for buy-one-get-one promotions, which means you could double your benefits when WIC items are featured in buy-one-get-one sales.

Once you’ve selected your groceries, let the Publix cashier know that you’ll be paying with a WIC EBT card or WIC check. They’ll ring up all the WIC items first and then move to the items that aren’t WIC-eligible. A Publix customer service representative told us that first-time WIC users can ask a store associate for help in understanding how to find WIC-eligible items and how to make sure the checkout process goes smoothly.

Find out more about using WIC benefits in our comprehensive list of grocery stores that accept WIC.

In case you’ve decided against Publix, find out about the WIC policy at Kroger.

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