Does RaceTrac Take EBT? Answered

Short Answer: RaceTrac accepts EBT in its convenience stores. You can use your EBT card to purchase snacks, packaged foods, and non-alcoholic drinks at RaceTrac. Additionally, many RaceWay gas stations — which have the same parent company as RaceTrac — also take EBT. For more on RaceTrac’s EBT policy, see below.

Does RaceTrac Take EBT?

RaceTrac accepts EBT at its gas station convenience stores. To confirm this information, we checked the SNAP retailer locator for every state where RaceTrac operates (Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas, and Mississippi) and found that RaceTrac is SNAP-approved in each state. We also contacted RaceTrac gas stations in several states, 100% of which said they take EBT.

EBT-Eligible Items at RaceTrac

You cannot use your EBT card to purchase gas, alcohol, cigarettes, or hot foods at RaceTrac. However, you can buy items like non-alcoholic drinks, baked goods, candy, bottled cold coffee, ice cream, and packaged foods. For more details of what you can and cannot buy using EBT, see our related article.

Other Payment Methods at RaceTrac

For items that your EBT card does not cover, you will need to have a second payment method on hand when making purchases at RaceTrac. You can use your EBT card first and then pay the difference using an alternative payment method. RaceTrac accepts cash, debit cards, RaceTrac gift cards, and all major credit cards (as previously reported).

Does RaceWay Take EBT?

RaceWay gas stations — which are owned by RaceTrac Petroleum Inc. but operate independently as franchises — also accept EBT at many locations.

We contacted RaceWay stations in Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas to confirm that they take EBT. About 85% of the RaceWay locations we checked said they accept EBT. We also checked the SNAP retailer locator in the states where RaceWay is located; RaceWay locations are SNAP-approved in each of these states.

Since EBT acceptance varies by location at the discretion of the franchisee and based on SNAP approval, you may want to contact your nearest RaceWay to confirm that it accepts EBT before visiting.

Other Gas Stations That Take EBT

To find out more about which gas stations accept EBT, see our list of gas stations that take EBT. We also have the details of the EBT acceptance policies at ampm, Chevron, QT, Sheetz, Shell, and Speedway.

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