Does RaceTrac Take EBT? Answered

Does RaceTrac take EBT? RaceTrac does not accept EBT. But, you might be glad to know, some RaceWay gas stations do accept EBT. For more on RaceTrac’s company policies, see below.

Does RaceTrac Take EBT?

No, RaceTrac gas service stations are not SNAP-approved retailers and do not take EBT. However, some RaceWay gas stations — which are owned by the same parent company and operated by independent contractors — do accept EBT. Since not all RaceWay stores accept EBT, you’ll want to contact your nearest RaceWay for details.

In Summary

RaceTrac gas service stations don’t accept EBT, but some independently operated RaceWay stores do. To learn more about which gas stations accept EBT, see our article: Gas Stations That Take EBT.

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