Does Rite Aid Accept WIC? Rite Aid’s WIC Payment Policy Explained

Does Rite Aid accept WIC? Rite Aid does take WIC as a form of payment for eligible purchases. However, since individual states assign WIC-approved retailers — and Rite Aid has store locations in 32 states — you may want to contact your local Rite Aid and/or state agency before heading out to shop.

Does Rite Aid Take WIC?

Rite Aid does accept WIC benefits, according to customer service. Even though the list of the drugstore chain’s accepted payment methods does not include WIC and Rite Aite does not appear on any of the state-approved WIC vendor lists we could find, the Rite Aid representative assured us that you can buy WIC-approved food items using your vouchers or card. She added: “If you have any problems when you go into the store, give (Rite Aid) a call.” Rite Aid’s customer service number is (800) RITE AID, or (800) 748-3243.

Keep in mind, individual states assign WIC-approved vendors. Since Rite Aid has store locations in 32 states, you may want to contact your nearest Rite Aid to make sure.

In case you’re wondering, these are the foods you can buy with WIC.

In Summary

In general, Rite Aid does accept WIC benefits. If you run into problems when trying to purchase approved food items with your WIC voucher or card, contact Rite Aid. For more on WIC-approved retailers, see our article: Grocery Stores Where You Can Use WIC.

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