Does Rite Aid Cash Checks? Answered

Short Answer: Rite Aid does not cash checks, but you can pay for your purchase with a personal check. For more on Rite Aid’s check cashing policy, see below.

Does Rite Aid Cash Checks?

Rite Aid drugstores do not offer check cashing services, a corporate customer service representative said. We confirmed this policy with Rite Aid stores in Colorado, Georgia, New Hampshire, Texas, and West Virginia; none of the stores we contacted cash checks. You can, however, pay for your purchase with a personal check. You may need to show a photo ID to pay by check.

While you can’t cash a personal check or any other type of check at Rite Aid, similar retailers like Kroger and Walmart do have check cashing services available. To find out more, see our articles on the stores, banks, and credit unions that cash checks and the places that offer free check cashing.

In Summary

You can’t cash a check at Rite Aid, but you can pay by personal check. To pay by check, remember to bring a photo ID.

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