Does Schnucks Cash Checks? Answered

A sign for a Schnucks store with a bright blue sky in the background.

Does Schnucks cash checks? Yes! But only personal checks. Schnucks does not cash payroll, government, or other types of checks. Keep reading to learn more about how and when you can cash personal checks at Schnucks.

The Schnucks Check Cashing Policy

According to Schnucks customer service representatives, you can cash personal checks up to $100 at Schnucks. Check cashing fees at Schnucks are $1.50 per check, but this fee is waived if you’re 65 or older.

You can cash a personal check at Schnucks any time during operating hours. Most locations are open from 6 AM to midnight, and some stores are even open 24 hours.

Before you can cash a personal check at Schnucks, you must apply for check cashing privileges at the customer service desk of any Schnucks location. You’ll need a valid, government-issued photo ID to apply. This approval process can take up to a week.

Schnucks has nearly 100 locations in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. However, not every Schnucks store offers check cashing — contact your nearest Schnucks to find out if you can cash personal checks there.

If you don’t have a Schnucks near you, or your local store doesn’t cash the checks you need (or for the amount you need — $100 is very low), see our article: Here’s the Near Comprehensive List of Grocery Stores That Will Cash Your Check for more options.

In Summary

And that’s the Schnucks check cashing policy in plain language. When you need to cash a personal check, Schnucks will cash it up to $100, at most locations, for a fee of $1.50. However, if you’re 65 and older, this fee is waived. You’ll need to establish check cashing privileges before you can begin cashing personal checks at Schnucks, and the approval process can take up to a week. If you need to cash another type of check, such as a payroll, government, or tax refund check, there are many other grocery stores that cash these types of checks. See our article Grocery Stores That Cash Checks: Personal, Payroll, Insurance, etc for the complete list.


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