Does Sheetz Do Cash Back? Answered (+ Other Ways to Get Cash)

Sheetz storefront

Short Answer

Gas station and convenience store chain Sheetz does not offer cash back on purchases at the register. However, some Sheetz locations have PNC-branded ATMs on site where you can withdraw cash. The Sheetz Visa Credit Card also offers cash advances for an additional fee. For more details on getting cash back at Sheetz, plus other places to get cash back, see below.

Does Sheetz Do Cash Back?

Gas station and convenience store chain Sheetz has over 600 locations throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina. According to corporate customer service representatives, Sheetz does not offer cash back on purchases during the checkout process. You will need to find alternative means of getting fast cash.

Other Ways to Get Cash at Sheetz

Some Sheetz locations do have a PNC Bank ATM on property which you can use to withdraw cash. To find a Sheetz near you that has an ATM on site, enter your city in the chain’s online store locator. Select the “Details” button underneath your desired Sheetz store. If you see “PNC Bank ATM” listed, you’ll know you can withdraw some cash at that particular location. Note that if you don’t normally bank with PNC, you may be subject to an out-of-network ATM fee of a few dollars.

If your nearest Sheetz location does not have an on-site ATM, our article can help you find nearby ATMs that give $10 bills.

The Sheetz Visa Credit Card

The gas station chain also offers a Sheetz Visa Credit Card which you can use to take out a cash advance at any ATM. It is typically recommended that you only use a cash advance in an urgent situation, as the APR can be very high and you’ll also be subject to additional fees. For the Sheetz Visa, cash advance fees are either $15 or 5% of the amount of the cash advance, whichever is greater.

More Information

While Sheetz does not offer cash back during checkout, there are many other gas stations and convenience stores that do. To find a gas station that offers cash back, see our related articles: The List of Gas Stations That Do Cash Back + What Ones Don’t and Where Can I Get $5 Cash Back? $10? At These Places

As previously reported, Sheetz does not do money orders. For more on Sheetz store policies, see our articles on the and the payment acceptance policies for EBT, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.


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