Shopbop Price Match Policy Explained

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Short Answer

Shopbop offers price matching, but on a case-by-case basis and only if the retailer is in Shopbop’s price matching network.

Shopbop Price Match Policy

Shopbop, a fashion-based e-commerce platform, does offer price matching, but only with a set price-matching network, according to our communication with the company.

For example, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue are all in Shopbop’s price-matching network.

If you’re able to find a lower price at one of these in-network retailers, Shopbop will honor the lower price.


Price matching must be done at the time of purchase — meaning you can’t ask for a price match after you’ve purchased the item.

According to its website and the customer service representative, the Shopbop price-match policy requires the following:

  • The competing retailer’s pricing and/or promotion must be available online (for verification purposes).
  • The item must be identical in style and color.
  • The item must be first-quality, meaning it came straight from the designer’s showroom.
  • The competing retailer must be an authorized brand distributor.
  • The competing retailer’s price must be in U.S. dollars.
  • Price matching doesn’t apply to auction, discount, or liquidator websites — since those sites are not considered Shopbop competitors.
  • You can’t discount an item through price matching and a promotional discount at the same time.

How to Price Match

If you’ve found an item at one of Shopbop’s competing retailers that fits the above description, you can call Shopbop’s customer service at (877) SHOPBOP.

You’ll need to provide online evidence of the competitor’s product at a lower price. At that point, the customer service representative will adjust Shopbop’s price and place the order for you over the phone.

You cannot place price-matched orders online or via live chat.

For information on other retailers’ price matching policies, see our research on Macy’s and Overstock.

We also explain Shopbop’s return policy.

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