Does Shopko have layaway? No. Shopko does not offer layaway, but it does offer three alternative financing and purchasing options. Shopko partners with AcceptanceNOW to offer a lease-to-own program on big-ticket items like furniture and appliances — and you can take home your items on the day of purchase, unlike layaway. You can also apply for a Shopko Credit Card to finance a large purchase, or you can apply for Shopko’s free Loyalty Program to keep an eye out for special savings on the item(s) you have your heart set on.

Does Shopko Have Layaway?

Shopko does not offer layaway. A representative from Shopko’s corporate office confirmed that the retail chain does not have a layaway policy but does offer other financing and purchasing options. You can use the AcceptanceNOW program to set up a lease-to-own plan, you can apply for a Shopko Credit Card, or you can join Shopko’s Loyalty Program and look for special savings that might put the item you’re eyeing within your price range.

AcceptanceNOW at Shopko

Shopko partners with AcceptanceNOW to let you lease-to-own appliances, electronics, furniture, and more. The AcceptanceNOW program does not require a good credit history, and it can even help you build your credit score. The program is offered at many of Shopko’s larger locations, but it hasn’t yet been implemented at Shopko’s Hometown stores, so be sure to call ahead and check for availability.

How AcceptanceNOW Works

Visit your local, participating Shopko to apply for the program. You’ll need to bring your driver’s license or government-issued ID, your Social Security number or federal tax identification number (EIN), and three references. During the application process, an AcceptanceNOW representative will make a copy of your ID, take your picture, and ask for your address and employer information. AcceptanceNOW does not have a minimum credit score requirement but it may run a credit check. Once your application has been submitted, you’ll be instantly approved for purchases anywhere between $300 and $3,000.

Electronics, appliances, and furniture are all eligible purchases. For furniture and electronics, you must purchase a single item of at least $199.99; you can “bundle” smaller items with your larger purchase. For appliances, a single item of at least $150 must be included in your purchase.

A down payment of 22 to 25 percent of the total is due on the day of purchase. For example, if your purchase totals $300, you can expect of down payment of $75 — or less, depending on the terms. At this point, you can take your purchases home — no waiting, unlike layaway.

Your first payment is due the month following your purchase, and then every month thereafter until the balance is paid in full. AcceptanceNOW reports payments to the major credit reporting agencies, so as long as you make on-time payments, you should be able to improve your credit score.

Keep in mind, AcceptanceNOW charges a 15 percent service fee. You can avoid the service fee if you pay off your purchase within 90 days, while it’s considered “same as cash.” However, if you opt for the 90-day, same-as-cash option, you won’t benefit from having your payments documented on your credit report.

Apply for a Shopko Credit Card

If you are looking to make a large purchase, you can apply for a Shopko Credit Card. A new cardholder promotion available at the time this article was written advertised up to $25 off your first purchase, plus a $10 gift card for every $200 spent. There is no fee to join and your minimum payments will be $35 or 2 percent of your balance, whichever is greater. The APR for purchases is 26.99 percent, but may vary. You can apply for a Shopko credit card online or in-store.

Other Ways to Save at Shopko

A lower overall price might make the item you’re eyeing affordable. With Shopko’s free Loyalty Program, you will receive a loyalty card that gives you access to all available member discounts and coupons. These include limited-time member pricing on select items, a discount coupon (delivered by email) for your birthday, and another coupon to celebrate the anniversary of your loyalty program enrollment. You will also be eligible for the Ten$ for 10 Club, which rewards customers with a $10 coupon after they’ve filled 10 prescriptions at Shopko. Learn more about the Shopko Loyalty Program online.

In Summary

Does Shopko have layaway? No, not even during the holiday’s. Shopko does not offer layaway, but it does offer three alternative financing and purchasing options: the AcceptanceNOW program lets you lease-to-own big-ticket items; a Shopko Credit Card comes with special promotions and no annual fee; and the Shopko Loyalty Program rewards members with coupons and special savings. If you’re set on using a layaway program, you’ll have to shop elsewhere. For a list of stores, see our article: Places That Do Layaway.

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