Does Speedway Do Cash Back? Solved (+ Where Else to Get Cash Back)

Exterior of a Speedway gas station

You cannot request cash back at Speedway gas stations and convenience stores.

While Speedway doesn’t have a statement on its website regarding its cash-back policy, we reached out to multiple locations in four different states; all of these locations confirmed that Speedway does not offer cash back on purchases.

However, many Speedway locations have ATMs available for use instead.

Where Else Can You Get Cash Back?

For alternatives to Speedway if you’d prefer not to use an ATM, see our list of gas stations that offer cash back.

Need a particular amount back? See our research on where you can get just $5 or $10 cash back or where to get the most possible cash back.

If you don’t have your debit card on hand, we also list the places that offer cash back on personal checks.


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