Sprouts Farmers Market EBT & WIC Acceptance Policies

Logo sign on the outside of a Sprouts Farmers Market store

Short Answer

Sprouts Farmers Market accepts EBT cards for in-store grocery purchases, but doesn’t accept WIC cards or vouchers. For more information on using government food benefits at Sprouts, see below.

Does Sprouts Accept EBT?

Sprouts Farmers Market accepts EBT cards at all of its stores, customer service representatives said.

We checked the USDA’s official list of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) retailers and contacted stores in Colorado, Florida, Tennessee, and Washington to confirm this information.

Note that Sprouts Farmers Market only accepts EBT for in-store purchases, not online or catering orders.

Eligible Items

You can purchase many grocery items with your EBT card, including bread, cereal, produce, meat, spices, dairy products, and more.

SNAP benefits aren’t valid on things like hot foods, alcohol, household cleaning supplies, toiletries, or vitamins.

For a full list of eligible and ineligible items, see our research on what you can (and can’t) buy with EBT.

How to Use EBT at Sprouts Farmers Market

EBT works like a standard debit card would; just swipe it through the card reader and enter your pin to pay for your groceries.

If you don’t have enough funds on your EBT card to cover your entire purchase, swipe your EBT card first. You can then complete your purchase with a second form of payment, such as cash, debit, or credit.

Does Sprouts Accept WIC?

Sprouts Farmers Market doesn’t accept WIC — a program similar to SNAP, but available only to women, infants, and children.

WIC benefits are valid on a particular list of foods, such as fortified bread and baby formula from specific brands. Because of these additional restrictions, Sprouts Farmers Market is unable to accept WIC at its stores, customer service representatives told us.

For other grocery stores that do accept WIC, see our list of approved WIC retailers and our research on WIC-only stores.

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