Does Sprouts Price Match? Answered (+ Other Ways to Save)

Does Sprouts price match? No. Sprouts Farmers Market does not price match with other grocery stores, but it does offer other opportunities for savings, including mobile coupons and monthly specials. Below, we have the tips you need to know before shopping at Sprouts.

Does Sprouts Price Match?

Sprouts Farmers Market grocery stores do not price match with other retailers, according to its corporate customer service department. We called a few Sprouts store locations in Maryland, Oklahoma, and California to confirm this information; all store associates said Sprouts does not price match.

There are, however, other ways to save at Sprouts, including:

Sprouts Farmers Market is a national grocery chain focused on healthy living and eating well on a budget. Sprouts grocery stores sell both organic and conventional produce, meats, fish, pantry items, and more. Sprouts also sells vitamins and supplements and has a catering service. There are more than 200 Sprouts locations around the country.

In Summary

Does Sprouts price match? No, Sprouts Farmers Market grocery stores do not price match, but you can take advantage of bulk deals, monthly sale items, and mobile app coupons to save on your grocery bill.