Does Staples Have a Notary Public? Answered

Sign on the outside of a Staples store

Staples does not notarize documents or have a notary public on staff.

We reached out to more than a dozen Staples locations in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, and New Mexico to confirm this information.

While you cannot get a document notarized at Staples, you can purchase notary stamps for any state.

Staples does also offer several other in-store services, including photo printing, document scanning, and fax services.

Where to Find a Notary Public

Many bank branches have notary services available. Our previous research also notes other places where you can get a document notarized, plus notary services that are open late, open on Saturdays, or open on Sundays.

To find out how much you can expect to pay, see our research on typical notarization costs.

If you are unable to find notary services near you when you need them, you can find a mobile notary using a site like Notary Locate.

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