Does Staples Print Iron-On Transfers? Print on Transfer Paper? Answered

Does Staples print iron-on transfers? No, Staples does not print on transfer paper. You can, however, purchase everything you need to print iron-on transfers at home at your local Staples. You may also check out our article covering if Office Depot/OfficeMax has a transfer paper service. For more information on Staples’ printing services, see below.

Does Staples Print Iron-On Transfers?

Staples’ printing centers cannot print on transfer paper. Its self-service printers also cannot print on transfer paper, customer service representatives said. Inkjet printers are typically used to make iron-on transfers. The laser printers at your nearest Staples will melt transfer paper because they use heat to print.

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To print at home, Staples does sell transfer paper. You can also buy inkjet printers and ink cartridges at Staples.

Designs printed on transfer paper can be used for iron-on transfers applied to shirts, bags, and other fabric items. You’ll need a clothes iron to transfer the design. If you don’t already own one, Staples sells irons too.

Businesses and individual customers seeking promotional products, such as shirts, hats, and other accessories, will find that Staples does offer a wide range of custom-made items, as an alternative to do-it-yourself iron-on transfers.

In Summary

Will staples print on transfer paper? No, Staples’ print center cannot print on transfer paper because it uses laser printers. To make your own iron-on transfers at home, Staples sells transfer paper, inkjet printers, ink cartridges, and even irons.