Does Starbucks Do Cash Back? Answered

Short Answer: Standalone Starbucks locations do not give cash back on debit card purchases. You may, however, be able to get cash back at Starbucks registers located inside large retailers like Target — that is, if the storewide system allows cash back. For more details, see below.

Does Starbucks Do Cash Back?

You can’t get cash back at your local Starbucks, but you may be able to get cash back at the Starbucks register located inside a major retailer like Target or Safeway.

When we contacted Starbucks’ corporate customer service department at (800) 782-7282, we were told that there isn’t a general policy regarding cash back and that it’s up to individual stores. However, after calling Starbucks locations in Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Washington, we found that standalone Starbucks stores do not give cash back because their systems won’t allow it.

We also contacted Starbucks locations inside major retailers like Bashas grocery stores, Fry’s Food and Drug, Safeway, and Target. All of these Starbucks locations said their registers use the major retailer’s transaction system, so they do allow cash back.

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