Does Target Do Cash Back? How Much Cash Back Can You Get? Solved

Short Answer: At most stores, Target offers cash back up to $40 when you pay with a debit card. See below for limits and fees that apply, alternatives to cash back, and similar stores where you can get cash back.

Getting Cash Back at Target

You can get cash back at Target, but only when paying with a debit card. We spoke to Target corporate representatives to find out more about cash back policies at Target stores throughout the United States. They gave us the details on Target’s cash back policies for credit cards, debit cards, checks, and Target gift cards.

Debit Cards (Including a Target RedCard Debit Card)

Target offers cash back when you use a debit card, including a Target Debit Card. Target will not charge you a fee for this service, but your bank might. There’s no set minimum for cash back with debit card purchases, and the maximum amount of cash back you can get with a debit card is typically $40 (although this may vary by store). Be aware that your debit card/checking account may have a daily limit on how much you can withdraw. You can ask for cash back at the register and your Target cashier will provide it to you.

A cash-back option is not always available at self-checkouts, and if it is, it is sometimes available only in limited denominations; it’s a good idea to check with an attendant before you try to get cash back from a self-checkout.

Credit Cards (Including a Target RedCard Credit Card)

Target cannot give cash back on purchases made with a credit card, even if you’re using a Target Credit Card.

However, Target does offer cash advances on the Target Mastercard. With a Target Mastercard, you can take out a cash advance at an ATM or in person at a bank, money transfer service, or casino. You’ll need a PIN to use a Target Mastercard at an ATM. You can manage your PIN on Target’s website.

Personal Checks

Target will not give cash back if you pay with a personal check. To find out more about getting cash back when paying with a check, see our research on where you can get cash back with a personal check.

Target Gift Cards

Only locations in some states offer cash back for a Target gift card, according to Target Corporate. In order to get cash back, the total amount on your gift card must not exceed the state’s maximum cash back limit. Depending on the state, your gift card may have no more than $0.99 to $9.99 remaining on the card (if cashing it out is possible at all).

Some store managers will not offer cash back for gift cards at specific locations, even if a state officially allows cash back up to a certain amount. Contact your local Target to find out if they offer cash back for gift cards.

Getting Cash From an ATM in Target

You can get cash at Target if your Target has an ATM. Although Target’s website does not state which locations have ATMs, you can call your local Target and ask to speak to guest services.

If your local Target does have an ATM, you’ll need to be aware of whether or not your bank reimburses ATM fees for ATMs outside of its network, and, if they do, the maximum amount of fees they’ll reimburse each month. Target will not charge any additional fees beyond what the ATM’s service provider (i.e., the bank who owns the ATM) charges to those who are not members or part of its network.

Other Places to Get Cash Back

Grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, and other establishments offer cash back on debit card purchases, and sometimes when you pay with a personal check or credit card. For more, see our research on which stores give cash back on debit, credit, and check transactions.

If you need a lot of cash back at once, see our research on which stores allow you to get the most cash back.