Does Target Sell or Cash Money Orders? Answered

Front entrance of a Target store

Target doesn’t sell or cash money orders. We confirmed this by contacting Target’s customer service department and several store locations.

However, there are stores similar to Target that do offer money order services.

Other Places With Money Order Services

See our comprehensive list of places where you can get a money order. Walmart is one option similar to Target; see our dedicated research on Walmart’s money order policy.

For after-hours transactions, we also list the places to get a money order 24 hours a day.

If you need to cash a money order, the best place to do so is at your own bank, though some grocery stores, check cashing stores, and others will also cash one. Note that most Western Union and MoneyGram agents can only sell money orders; they usually can’t cash them.

See our research on where to cash a money order. We also have specific articles on where to cash Western Union, MoneyGram, and USPS money orders.

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