Does Target Sell or Cash Money Orders? Answered

Front entrance of a Target store

The Target money order policy is to not do make them or cash them. Target does not offer money order services, including selling or cashing money orders. However, there are stores similar to Target that do offer money order services. Keep reading to find out what stores similar to Target offer money orders.

Does Target Do Money Orders?

While Target’s inventory and pharmacy offerings are extensive, its money service offerings are somewhat limited. The discount chain sells everything from frozen hamburgers to mobile phones. They do not, however, sell money orders. Target also does not cash money orders.

Like a personal check, a money order is a paper document that grants a specified amount of money to the named institution or individual. Unlike a personal check, however, a money order is guaranteed by a third-party seller and thus less likely to bounce. Because money orders are prepaid and don’t include your bank account number, this type of payment is often considered more secure. Money orders can usually be purchased by cash or debit card for anywhere from $1-$5, depending on the value and seller. Select institutions accept credit card payments, though typically for a steep fee. Generally, purchasing a money order from a bank or financial institution will cost you $5 for one money order worth up to $1,000. Buying a money order at a store is typically cheaper, with most big-box retailers, pharmacies, and convenience stores charging less than $1 for up to $1,000.

Beloved for its “cheap-chic” slant, Target sets itself apart from Walmart and other large-format chains with its combination of trendy, quality items and focus on customer service. In addition to a comprehensive selection of quality merchandise, select Target locations are home to onsite CVS drug stores with pharmacy care programs and retail medical clinic services.

Stores like Target That Sell/Cash Money Orders

Even though Target does not offer money order services, there are several other convenient places you can get a money order. Stores similar to Target that offer money orders include Kmart and Walmart. You can also purchase money orders from your local post office, many banks and credit unions, and money transfer agents like Western Union and MoneyGram at select pharmacies, supermarkets, and big-box stores.

If you need to cash a money order, the best place to do so is at your own bank, though some grocery stores, check cashing stores, and others will also cash one. Note that most Western Union and MoneyGram agents can only sell money orders; they usually can’t cash them. To find places to cash a money order, see our article Where Can I Cash a Money Order? If you’re interested in a specific type of money order, see our other articles about how to cash Western Union, MoneyGram, and Postal money orders.

In Summary

Does Target do money orders? Target does not sell money orders, but there are similar businesses that do, including Kmart and Walmart. You can purchase money orders at many banks, credit unions, post offices, pharmacies, and convenience stores. While banks typically charge $5 per money order, you can generally buy a money order at big-box stores for less than $1 for up to $1,000. Most locations accept only cash and debit cards as payment for money orders. To learn more about exact pricing and payment options, contact your store directly. You might also be interested in our article: 24-Hour Money Order: Where to Get a Money Order 24 Hours a Day.


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