While the use of credit cards has somewhat lessened the popularity of layaway over the years, layaway is still an excellent option for many who want to make payments on larger purchases with no interest — not to mention that for plenty of parents, the fact that the store keeps the items until they are paid off and picked up is a bonus to keep them away from prying eyes before a big holiday.

In This Article

  • Does Target Have Layaway?

  • Purchasing Options at Target en Lieu of a Target Layaway Option

  • Things to Consider When Using Layaway

Does Target Have Layaway?

No, Target does not currently offer layaway as an option. When you review the company’s Help section and choose “Payment Methods,” layaway does actually appear in the topics menu, but there is no information provided. A call to several Target locations confirmed that the retailer doesn’t offer layaway.

If you try a Google search for “Target layaway,” you may come across a site called elayaway.com, which has a page with the Target logo. The company is not affiliated with Target or any of the other companies listed on this site. Rather, eLayaway offers personal loans that can be used to purchase anything from anywhere. They simply position it as a “layaway” option, when in reality it is not the same thing.

Purchasing Options at Target en Lieu of a Target Layaway Option

Although Target doesn’t do layaway, Target does offer a number of other payment methods and purchasing options. Accepted payment methods include cash, business and personal checks, Target REDcard (Target debit or credit card), third-party debit and credit cards, Target gift cards, third party gift cards from American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard, merchandise vouchers from a return, U.S. traveler’s Checks, Canada traveler’s checks (only in stores that can accept Canadian currency), WIC, PayPal (online sales only), and ApplePay. Full details on Target’s payment methods can be found on the company’s website.

Things to Consider When Using Layaway

When someone is thinking about using a layaway program, there are some things that are worth considering before committing to an extended layaway contract. To be sure you’re making the best decision possible for your holiday purchasing needs, think about the following:

  • Will you miss any upcoming sales by purchasing now?
  • How much are you going to pay in fees or cancellation penalties?
  • Can you make the required payments?
  • Will you save time by purchasing for layaway now rather than waiting?
  • Do you fully understand any penalties for not paying the balance by the deadline?
  • Does your credit card offer incentives for use that may cost you less than layaway in the long run?
  • Is the convenience of “storing” your items at the store before the holidays a benefit to you?

In Summary

While Target doesn’t offer a layaway option, you can still use either a Target REDcard or other credit card to purchase items now and pay for them later. Of course, you might miss out on the benefits of layaway, which includes free storage of your items while you are paying for them. If you have your heart set on layaway, several other large retailers, like Walmart and Kmart, offer a layaway program for fairly low fees and minimal penalties. For a list of stores with layaway, see our article, Places That Do Layaway: Both Online Layaway Stores and Local.