Does Target Make Keys? Target Key Copy Policy Detailed

Interior lobby of a Target store

Does Target copy keys? No. Target does not copy/make keys. There are many other places to get duplicate keys made, from hardware stores to supercenters like Walmart. For more information on duplicating keys, see below.

Does Target Make Keys?

Target does not make keys, corporate customer service representatives and Target store associates said. Many other nationwide chains do offer key duplication services or self-serve kiosks. Below are three of the largest retail chains that provide key duplication services. For a wide range of options, see our article: All Major Places to Get Keys Made.

In Summary

There is no Target key copy/key making service. Three top retailers that offer key making services are The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart. For more information on where to duplicate car keys, see our article: Where Can I Get a Car Key Made? Here Are the Places to Choose From.


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