Does Tiffany Buy Back Jewelry? Rings, etc? Answered

Does Tiffany buy back rings or any other type of jewelry? Tiffany & Co. doesn’t buy back rings or any other jewelry items. You may be able to return the item or, in rare instances, sell it to Tiffany’s Archives. For the full details of Tiffany & Co.’s store policy, see below.

Does Tiffany Buy Back Jewelry? Rings?

Luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. does not have a jewelry buyback program. The store policy applies to all Tiffany jewelry — including rings, necklaces, and other items.

New jewelry purchased in the last 30 days can be returned, a corporate customer service representative said. Returns can be made online or by visiting a Tiffany & Co store. Items should be in saleable condition, and you’ll need your original receipt to make a return. Fragrances must be in their original, sealed packaging in order to qualify for a return.

If you have an “extraordinary, one-of-a-kind piece” from Tiffany & Co., the Archives may be interested in buying back your item. Keep in mind, the Archives does not buy back very many pieces. However, if you think you have an item the Archives would be interested in, you can send high-quality images (including clear images of any Tiffany hallmarks) to, along with your asking price.

In Summary

Tiffany & Co. does not buy back jewelry. Items can be returned within 30 days with a receipt. And, one-of-a-kind items may be of interest to Tiffany’s Archives. For more on Tiffany & Co. store policies, see our article: Tiffany Ring Resize Cost & Policy: Get the Perfect Fit.