Can you save money if you switch from cigarettes to vaping? Yes, but maybe not right away. If you spend your money trying out various types and accessories, you may end up spending more upfront. If you’re looking to save money right away, switch straight to NJOY or a similar established player on the vaping scene.

Everyone Is Doing It

One by one, you watched as all your smoking friends got bit by the vaping bug. “It’s better for you,” they said. “You can vape indoors — no more huddling outside in the cold,” they said.

But maybe you held out. “No thanks,” you answered them. You were stubborn. You would not be convinced. You were going to remain loyal to the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel.

Then you heard those vaping companions of yours talking money. They went on and on about all that cash they used to spend on cigarettes and all the bucks they started saving since picking up their vaporizers. Maybe one of them mentioned putting money away in his 401(k). Maybe another said something about her kid’s college fund. And you got to thinking: I like money, and I could always use more of it. I don’t have a 401(k), but maybe I should. I’ve got kids, and they’ll probably want to go to college one day. Maybe, just maybe, I should look into this whole vaping thing.

Can Vaping Save You Money? Yes

Can you save money if you switch from cigarettes to vaping? Yes, absolutely. But some people don’t save money right away, and there are a couple reasons for that: initiation and experimentation.

In a nutshell, those two words explain why many (but not all) people take some time before they begin saving money. When vaping is new to you, there’s a bewildering range of eLiquids, e-cigs, and vaporizers to choose from, not to mention cases and other accessories for all your gear. For some people, this means a season of trial and error. Consider how long it takes to find new music you actually like or a new restaurant that serves quality grub day in and day out. If you really want to find something that goes beyond the usual mediocrity, you’ve got to put in a little work. But once you find that happy marriage of e-juice and hardware, you’ll see the savings start pouring in.

If you want to get straight to the savings, start with the industry standards — the established players in the vaping game. This way, you know you’ll get quality across the board, plus the kind of competitive prices the big boys can offer due to their sizable presence in the market. As a beginner, consider NJOY vapes. A mainstay in the market for years, NJOY has built its formidable reputation on quality (they offer 100% money back guarantees on all products). In doing so, the switch from cigarettes to vaping results in immediate and ongoing savings.

The Cost Savings

Just how much can you hope to save? Let’s get specific, but, remember, numbers will vary based on where you live, as tax rates on cigarettes change from state to state.

Let’s say you typically smoke a pack of Marlboro Reds every day, and let’s say you’re paying $6.50 per pack (many states will charge you significantly more and some states will charge a bit less). One hundred days at one pack a day adds up to $650.

Now, let’s compare that to NJOY’s King e-cigs, which many new vapers start with because the cigarette shape of the e-cigs helps them transition to vaping. According to NJOY, each King e-cig is comparable to one pack of traditional cigarettes, which means 100 NJOY e-cigs will take our smoker through 100 days. A pack of 100 King e-cigs cost $479.99. That boils down to savings of $170 every 100 days. That’s nothing to scoff at, but, let’s also consider the poor soul who lives in New York. That same pack of Marlboro Reds costs nearly $14, which means our smoker is spending $1,400 every 100 days. That boosts the savings to almost $1,000!