Does Vaping Really Save You Money? Here Are the Numbers…

You can save money by switching from cigarettes to vaping, but maybe not right away. If you spend your money trying out various vapes and accessories, you may end up spending more upfront. If you’re looking to save money right away, you’ll want to try NJOY or a similar, well-established vape product. For more details of the cost savings when switching from cigarettes to vaping, see below.

Can Vaping Save You Money?

Many people switch from cigarettes to vaping because it can be done indoors and is reportedly better for your health (though it still is not entirely safe, according to Scientific American magazine). Another very common reason to make the switch is to save money.

You can, in fact, save money by switching from cigarettes to vaping. But some people don’t save money right away, for a couple of reasons: initiation and experimentation.

When vaping is new to you, there’s a bewildering range of e-liquids, e-cigs, and vaporizers to choose from, not to mention cases and other accessories for all your gear. For instance,, an e-commerce site dedicated to vape kits, devices, and liquids, features products from over 100 brands.

For some people, this means a season of trial and error. Consider how long it takes to find new music you actually like or a new favorite restaurant. It takes time and effort to find things that are a good fit for you. Once you find your preferred e-juice and hardware, however, you’ll see savings compared to your former cigarette spending.

If you want to get straight to the savings, start with the industry standards — popular, well-established vaping companies. This way, you know you’ll get a well-tested, quality product, plus the kind of competitive prices these companies can offer due to their sizable presence in the market. One such brand to consider when switching from cigarettes is NJOY. NJOY has been around since 2006 and offers a 100% money back guarantee on all products.

The Cost Savings

The amount you’ll save by switching from cigarettes to vaping will vary based on where you live, as tax rates on cigarettes differ from state to state, according to the Tax Foundation. Below, we have a few specific examples to give you a general idea of how much you can save.

Let’s say you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. The average price per pack can be anywhere from around $4.50 to over $10, depending on the state, but we’ll use the moderate example of Ohio, where the average price per pack is $6.10 as of press time. At one pack a day, one hundred days of cigarettes will cost you $610.

For comparison, one NJOY Daily disposable e-cig typically lasts as long as one pack of cigarettes and costs $5.99, according to the product listing at NJOY’s website. Over 100 days, that’s a total cost of $599. For the Ohio smoker, that means a savings of $11 compared to traditional cigarettes. That may not seem like much, but it adds up over time, the savings will be even greater in areas where cigarettes are more expensive.

In New York, for example, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $10.45. At that price, a pack-a-day habit will cost $1,045 over 100 days. A New York smoker switching to vaping could save $446 every 100 days by using the NJOY Daily. That’s over $1,200 per year in savings.

Savings will vary based on your location, whether you chose a disposable or rechargeable e-cig, and which brands you prefer to buy. But, saving a little money is never a bad thing, and in some cases, your savings can be significant when switching from cigarettes to vaping.

In Summary

Switching from cigarettes to vaping can save you hundreds of dollars over time, though it may require a larger investment upfront to find the vape brands and products that you prefer. If you want to switch from cigarettes and see quick savings, you should switch to a well-established e-cig brand like NJOY.

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  • Numbers are hard to ignore for certain – the cost difference is incredible. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sara Killinger says:

    I’ve recently wanted to quit smoking and considered giving vaping a try. I spend a lot of money on cigarettes but was uncertain how expensive vaping is. Your example of saving almost $1000 every one hundred days is incredible! I’ll definitely invest in vaping supplies so I can save a lot of money.