Does Walgreens Sell Target Gift Cards? Answered

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Short Answer: Walgreens sells Target gift cards in stores, but not online. Availability varies by location, but you can purchase any gift card amount ranging from $25 to $500.

Does Walgreens Sell Target Gift Cards?

Picking up a prescription or other items at Walgreens can provide the perfect opportunity to purchase a Target gift card. Of course, you want to be sure it’s sold at Walgreens in order to avoid wasting time searching for one.

Walgreens sells a variety of third-party gift cards in its stores, including Target gift cards. However, you cannot buy Target gift cards from[1]

Keep in mind that availability may vary by store and what’s in stock.[1]

When purchasing a Target gift card from Walgreens, you’re able to add any desired amount between $25 and $500 without additional fees.[1]

If Target gift cards are out of stock at your local Walgreens, I also have the list of other stores that sell them.

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