Does Walmart Accept Traveler’s Checks? Answered

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Short Answer

You may be able to use a traveler’s check to pay for your purchase at Walmart; acceptance policies vary by location. Walmart stores will also cash pre-printed checks, including traveler’s checks, for a fee.

Does Walmart Accept Traveler’s Checks?

Walmart accepts checks as payment for purchases, and while exact policies can vary depending on the store location, you may be able to use a traveler’s check to pay for your Walmart purchase.[1]

If your traveler’s check is for more than the amount of your purchase, you will receive the remainder in cash. If you’re unsure if your intended Walmart location will accept your check, you can call ahead to be sure. Customers report varied success with spending their traveler’s checks at Walmart.

Alternatively, you can cash your traveler’s check if you’d like to use the money to make purchases at Walmart or other stores. Walmart will cash pre-printed checks — including traveler’s checks — up to $5,000 ($7,500 during tax season). However, as noted above, acceptance can vary by store.

The fee is $4 for checks up to $1,000 and $8 for checks up to $5,000.[2] You can check out our article for more about Walmart’s check cashing policies.

Other Accepted Payment Methods

Walmart also accepts cash, debit cards, major credit cards (including American Express and Discover), personal checks, Walmart gift cards, PayPal, EBT, and WIC.[3]

Similar stores that accept traveler’s checks include Meijer and Costco (as previously reported). Our related article also lists where to buy traveler’s checks.

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