Does Walmart Cash Comdata Checks? Comchek Policy Detailed

Walmart storefront

Does Walmart cash Comchecks? Walmart’s check cashing policy does not include Comdata checks, or Comcheks. But some locations may. For more on the store policy, see below.

Does Walmart Cash Comdata Checks?

No, Walmart does not cash Comdata checks, according to its check cashing policy. However, policies may vary by location, according to customer service, so you may want to contact your nearest Walmart to inquire about a particular store’s policy.

Comdata checks, or Comcheks, are often used by truck drivers for fuel advances and to pay for repairs and other work-related expenses. Most truck stops and banks will cash a Comchek, but few other locations will.

Walmart will cash 401(k), government, payroll, and other checks for a fee. For more information on Walmart’s check cashing policy, see our article: Walmart Check Cashing Policy: Hours, Limit, Fees and More.

In Summary

Generally speaking, you can’t cash a Comchek at Walmart, but you can cash other types of checks for a fee. To cash a Comdata check, try a truck stop or a bank. For more on Walmart store policies, see our articles: Can You Return Food to Walmart? and Does Walmart Vision Center Accept Medicaid?


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