Does Walmart Cash Savings Bonds? EE Bonds? Answered

Walmart MoneyCenters offer a variety of financial services like check cashing, but Walmart does not cash savings bonds. For details, see below.

Does Walmart Cash Savings Bonds?

Walmart does not redeem savings bonds — including Series E, EE, I, and HH savings bonds, according to Walmart’s corporate customer service department. We also contacted Walmart stores in Arizona, Michigan, New York, and Texas to confirm this information. You can, however, cash a check at Walmart (as previously reported).

Electronic savings bonds are redeemable online through the U.S. Department of Treasury portal, TreasuryDirect. And, you can cash paper savings bonds at most local banks or through the mail. Identification and other requirements vary depending on whether or not you are an account holder at the bank and if your name appears on the bond. For more information on savings bonds, visit the TreasuryDirect website.

In Summary

Walmart does not cash savings bonds. For information on available financial services at Walmart, see our articles on cashing payroll checks at Walmart and Walmart MoneyCenter’s services and hours.

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