Does Walmart Make Keys? Key Copy Services Detailed

Short Answer: Walmart offers key copying services for most home and office keys at self-service MinuteKey kiosks in its stores. The service costs about $2 to $6 per copy, but you cannot copy “Do Not Duplicate” keys at MinuteKey kiosks. For more about making duplicate keys at Walmart, see below.

Walmart Key Copying Services

Walmart offers self-service key copying through MinuteKey, a bright green kiosk located at the front of many Walmart stores.[1] Not all Walmart locations have MinuteKey kiosks, but you can search the MinuteKey kiosk locator on the company’s website to find a Walmart (or other store) near you that has a MinuteKey kiosk.

MinuteKey kiosks use robotic technology to copy keys in as little as one minute, as the name suggests.[2] The fully automated kiosks feature a user-friendly touch screen that guides you through the key copying process, step by step. Once you choose a design, the machine identifies your key’s type and teeth through a laser imaging system and generates a precise and accurate duplicate.[2]


Key copying prices range from about $2 to $6 at Walmart MinuteKey kiosks, depending on the key design.[1] You can use a credit card, debit card, or cash to pay at the kiosk.[2] MinuteKey guarantees its products and will provide a full refund within 30 days of purchase for keys that are miscut or that do not function properly.[3]

Keys That Can Be Copied

MinuteKey kiosks can duplicate home and office keys, including the following varieties:[2]

  • Kwikset, KW1, and KW10
  • Schlage, SC1
  • Weiser, WR3, and WR5 (in select locations)
  • Baldwin, Titan, and clones of the above key types
  • Padlock key Master Lock M1 (on select devices)

Keys That Cannot Be Copied

MinuteKey cannot copy car keys or keys for schools, high-security buildings, public institutions, or other restricted properties. MinuteKey also cannot copy keys that are labeled as “Do Not Duplicate” or “Do Not Copy.”[2]

How to Operate a MinuteKey Kiosk

To use a MinuteKey kiosk, follow these step-by-step instructions:[2]

  1. Push the “Start” button.
  2. Insert the key you wish to copy in the Self-Service slot.
  3. Select a key design.
  4. Choose your payment method.
  5. Insert your payment method and watch as the machine produces your copy/copies.
  6. Pick up your new copy/copies and remove the original key.

The video below provides a demonstration of a customer using a MinuteKey kiosk at Walmart for the first time:

Other Places That Copy Keys

If there are no Walmart stores near you or your local Walmart doesn’t have a MinuteKey kiosk, there are plenty of other places that offer key copying services. A few such places include Kmart, Kroger, Lowe’s, and Menards. Some places have self-service kiosks, while other places have trained staff and in-house key services. Our article features more than 20 places with key copying services.