Does Walmart Make Keys? Key Copy Services Detailed

Walmart’s self-service key-copying kiosks bring simplicity to key duplication. So, yes, Walmart does make/duplicate/copy keys — but not all types of keys. Continue on to learn more about this convenient, on-demand service.

How to Make/Copy/Duplicate Keys at Walmart

Walmart offers self-service key copying through minuteKEY, a bright green device located at the front of most stores. Not all Walmart locations have minuteKEY, so make sure to search on the minuteKey kiosk locator of the minuteKEY website by zip code, city, or state to find a Walmart with a minuteKEY machine near you.

minuteKEY kiosks use robotic technology to copy keys in as little as (as the name suggests) one minute. The fully automated kiosks feature a user-friendly touch screen that guides you through the key copying process, step by step. Once you choose a design (You can choose from a variety of unique designs, even NFL, NHL, NCAA, and MLB team logos!), the machine identifies your key’s type and teeth through a laser imaging system and generates a precise and accurate duplicate.

Walmart Key Copy Prices

Prices range from $2 to $6 for this service, depending on design. minuteKEY guarantees its products and provides full refunds for keys that do not function properly.

What Types of Keys Can Be Copied?

minuteKEY kiosks can duplicate home and office keys, including the following varieties:

  • Kwikset, KW1, and KW10
  • Schlage, SC1
  • Weiser, WR3 and WR5 (in select locations)
  • Baldwin, Titan, and clones of the above key types
  • Padlock key Master Lock M1 (on select devices)

What Types of Keys Cannot Be Copied?

minuteKEY cannot copy car keys or keys for schools, high-security buildings, public institutions, or other restricted properties. minuteKEY cannot copy keys that state “Do Not Duplicate” or “Do Not Copy.”

minuteKEY Kiosk Instructions

To use a minuteKEY kiosk, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Push the “Start” button.
  2. Insert the key you wish to copy in the Self-Service slot.
  3. Select a key design.
  4. Choose your payment method. minuteKEY kiosks accept cash and major credit and debit cards with the American Express, Visa, or Mastercard logo
  5. Insert your payment method and watch as the machine produces your copy(copies).
  6. Pick up your new copy(copies) and remove the original key.

This video provides a real-life demonstration of a customer using a minuteKEY kiosk at Walmart for the first time:

Other Places That Copy Keys

Of course, minuteKEY kiosks at Walmart aren’t the only options for copying keys. Many other retail chains offer key copying services, including Kmart, Orchard Supply Hardware, and Fry’s. Many retailers even offer car key copying, including The Home Depot and Lowes. See the full list of places to get keys made near you.

In Summary

Making copies of your household keys is simple and convenient using Walmart’s minuteKEY self-service kiosk. This Walmart service costs just $2-$6 and takes just about one minute to complete. Be sure to carefully read the instructions for use, and bring cash or a valid debit or credit card to complete the transaction.

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