Does Walmart Repair Glasses? Does Walmart Fix Glasses? Answered

Does Walmart fix glasses? Yes. For eyeglasses repair, Walmart Vision Centers can make minor repairs to glasses. Your nearest Vision Center may even do so free of charge. However, keep in mind, Walmart generally won’t accept responsibility if your glasses break during a repair. For more details on getting your glasses fixed at Walmart, see below.

Does Walmart Repair Glasses?

Walmart Vision Centers will repair glasses — even if they were not originally purchased at Walmart, customer service representatives from stores in various states said. However, the Vision Center is only able to make minor repairs, such as replacing a screw, straightening a bent frame, or popping a loose lens back into the frame. So for eyeglass frame repair, Walmart can help. For glasses scratch repair, Walmart may cover them under warranty if you purchased your glasses at Walmart. The repair time will vary based on the severity of the damage and available technicians. If your frames are broken, Walmart won’t be able to fix them — but you can have your old lenses put into new frames at Walmart (as previously reported).

Since Walmart Vision Centers don’t list repair services online, we contacted Walmart Vision Center locations in California, Colorado, Georgia, and Indiana to learn about pricing information and the store’s policy regarding repairs. Most Walmart Vision Centers said they don’t charge for minor repairs. A small fee may be required for more complicated repairs. Specifically, a Walmart in Eastman, Ga., said its glasses repair fee is $7.50.

Keep in mind, if your glasses break during the repair process, Walmart generally won’t pay to replace them. However, if you purchased your glasses at Walmart and are they are covered under a warranty, you will be able to get a replacement pair, a store associate in California said. (If you end up needing a new pair of glasses, see our article on how long it takes to get new glasses from Walmart.)

To find a Walmart Vision Center near you, use the Walmart store locator and click on “Details” next to your chosen location. You’ll see “Vision” listed if there is a Vision Center at your chosen Walmart location. Alternately, to repair your glasses yourself, you can purchase an eyeglass repair kit from Walmart.

In Summary

Does Walmart repair glasses? Yes. If you need your glasses repaired, a Walmart Vision Center can help. Small repairs are often handled free of charge. However, Walmart can’t fix broken frames and won’t replace your glasses if they break during a repair — unless the glasses are under warranty. Need to get new glasses covered by Medicaid? See our article to find out if Walmart Vision Centers accept Medicaid.

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