Does Wendy’s Take Apple Pay? Payment Options Explained

Wendy's sign on the side of a building

Here’s Wendy’s Apple Pay policy in plain language. Wendy’s restaurants do not currently accept Apple Pay, but some locations will begin accepting Apple Pay soon. Forms of payment accepted at Wendy’s are cash, debit cards, credit cards, and gift cards. For more information on Wendy’s payment policies, see below.

Does Wendy’s Take Apple Pay?

At this time, Wendy’s does not accept Apple Pay in-store or through its mobile app, customer service representatives from various locations in several states said. However, many of the representatives we spoke with noted that the restaurants they work at are in the process of adding mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Since Wendy’s fast-food restaurant locations are franchised and new technology is required to accept mobile payments, each location may add mobile payment options at different times. Contact your local Wendy’s to find out when it plans to add alternate payment methods. All Wendy’s restaurants currently accept cash, debit cards, credit cards, and Wendy’s gift cards. Personal checks and money orders are not accepted.

Mobile ordering is available at select locations through Wendy’s app. In order to use the app to pay, you will need to add your debit, credit, or gift card information. The Wendy’s app has an in-app locator to find a restaurant near you that accepts mobile ordering.

In Summary

Does Wendy’s accept Apple Pay? Apple Pay is not currently accepted at Wendy’s. However, some stores report they will soon begin accepting mobile payments, including Apple Pay. For more information on restaurants that take Apple Pay, see our articles: Does Jack in the Box take Apple Pay? and Does Five Guys Accept Apple Pay? and Does Whataburger Accept Apple Pay?


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