Does Zales Buy Used Jewelry? Trade-In Policy Explained

Zales storefront in a mall

Zales stores do not purchase used jewelry directly, according to its parent company.

Zales is owned and operated by Signet Jewelers, the world’s largest retailer of diamond jewelry. Signet also owns Kay Jewelers, Jared The Galleria of Jewelry, and others.

We contacted Signet’s vice president of corporate affairs to find out if Zales purchases used jewelry or jewelry in general.

The corporate affairs department said: “The Zales/Kay/Jared Gold Exchange program is the only outlet we have for people to sell their jewelry. People may register for the program through our Gold Exchange websites or by calling customer service [at (800) 311-5393].”

We confirmed this policy by contacting a number of Zales locations across the country. We were told by store employees that Zales doesn’t buy jewelry. But, a few stores mentioned Zales’ trade-in policy for select items previously purchased from Zales.

Zales’ Trade-In Policy

If you previously purchased jewelry from Zales and you’re thinking about upgrading, Zales allows trade-ins.

However, according to Zales’ trade-in policy, you must meet several conditions:

  • You must have your original sales receipt
  • Your trade-in must be a solitaire ring, diamond bridal set, solitaire pendant, or solitaire earrings
  • The net purchase price of the new item must be at least twice what you paid for your original purchase

If your jewelry qualifies based on the above conditions, Zales will value your trade-in at 100% of its original net purchase price.

Zales’ Gold Exchange Program

If you have gold or platinum jewelry that you’d like to sell, Zales’ Gold Exchange program accepts all gold karats and jewelry in any condition — this includes gold or platinum that’s broken, tangled, or damaged. You can even sell 16K dental gold.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The program is online only; Zales stores cannot accept gold or platinum.
  • You can’t sell jewelry that contains diamonds or gemstones. Any gems may be returned to you or they may be discarded; this is up to Zales’ discretion.
  • To sell your jewelry, you’ll need to register online. You’ll receive a UPS envelope to ship your items to the Gold Exchange; shipping is free and insured up to $500. If you believe your items are worth more than $500, contact the Gold Exchange at (877) 731-3267 to make special shipping arrangements.
  • Your items will be valued according to the market price for gold or platinum. You will be sent an offer, which you can reject or accept. If you accept the offer, you’ll receive a check for the amount. If you reject the offer, your jewelry will be returned to you via UPS. (To find out how much gold is worth, see our article.)

If you have questions about the Gold Exchange program, you can contact a customer service representative by emailing [email protected] or by calling (877) 731-3267. For more places where you can sell gold, see our article.

If these options aren’t quite what you’re looking for, check out our list of stores that buy used jewelry, places that buy gemstones and gemstone jewelry, and research on Kay Jewelers’ policy.

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