How to Donate Eyeglasses at Costco: Eyeglass Recycling Policy Explained

Short Answer: Costco members can donate used eyeglasses to Costco Optical centers. Costco accepts most types of glasses as long as they do not show excessive wear, but it does not provide charitable donation tax receipts for eyeglass donations. For more on how to donate eyeglasses at Costco, see below.

How to Donate Eyeglasses at Costco

Costco partners with New Eyes for the Needy to collect members’ used eyeglasses at Costco Optical centers, a corporate customer service representative said. We contacted Costco Optical locations in California, Georgia, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Vermont; all Costco Optical centers we spoke with accept donations of used glasses.

Costco Optical collects eyeglasses in at least good condition (glasses with excessive wear or damage are not eligible) for distribution to countries outside the U.S. for those in need. Costco accepts the following types of glasses:

  • Prescription glasses
  • Reading glasses
  • Prescription and non-prescription sunglasses
  • Safety glasses
  • Children’s glasses

Members can drop their glasses into the specially marked box for eyeglasses donation collections, or hand the glasses to a Costco Optical associate for donation. Costco does not provide tax donation receipts for eyeglass donations.

Donating as a Non-Member

If you are not a Costco member and would like to donate your used glasses to New Eyes, mail them in a box or padded envelope to:

New Eyes
549 Millburn Avenue
P.O. Box 332
Short Hills, NJ 07078

If you include your email address in the package, New Eyes will email an acknowledgment of receipt. Your postage is tax-deductible.

Other Eyeglass Donation Options

Our previous research details how to donate eyeglasses at Walmart and Target, plus the list of places that take old glasses.