Can You Donate Eyeglasses at Target? Eyeglass Recycling Policy Detailed

Exterior of a Target store

Target does not accept eyeglass donations at most locations; Target Optical centers are individually responsible for any eyeglass donation programs they participate in, corporate customer service representatives said.

We called Target Optical locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia to find out how common eyeglass donation programs are at Target. Only one of the stores we spoke with takes donations.

The one store we found that accepts eyeglass donations — located in Grand Rapids, Mich. — partners with its local Lions Club. At this location, you can drop off any type of glasses in any condition by handing them to a Target Optical associate.

To find out whether your local Target store has a similar donation program, contact your nearest Target Optical. Note that Target does not offer tax donation receipts for eyeglass donations.

Target OneSight Program

While many Target Optical centers do not collect used eyeglasses, Target does participate in the OneSight program.

OneSight participants can go to Target Optical with a valid prescription and a referral letter from a nonprofit organization — such as a school, Prevent Blindness, the American Red Cross, etc. — verifying their vision impairment and financial need, and they will receive one pair of eyeglasses at no charge.

Other Places to Donate Eyeglasses

Our related research features the details of how to donate eyeglasses at Walmart and Costco. We also have the list of places to donate old glasses.


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